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Rain Rain go away come again….never! What tools too hire after a flood.

If you, like millions of others have been affected by the recent flooding in the UK this summer, your house may have been damaged. Hopefully not, but hundreds of thousands of people have seen their belongings and homes ruined by flood damage.


It is a devastating situation as flood damage to your home can result in weeks, maybe months of displacement, not too mention hours and hours of DIY repair and redecoration. Like the majority of people who have suffered from the recent flooding, they will be left to deal with salvaging their homes by themselves.

Redecorating after a flood can be dangerous, as we all know that water and electricity are not the best of friends! So it is imperative that you know what tools you will need to repair your home and of course if you don’t have the tools yourself, know somewhere trustworthy to get tool hire from!

What tools you will need too repair flood damage in your home?

  • IF there is a lot of water still in your home you can hire a tool like a pump to get the rest of the water out of your home.

  • Once the water has receded and you think you can salvage your flooring, make sure you hire a tool known as a floor dryer – this will help aerate your flooring and potentially save you £1000’s in having to redo the entire floor!

  • Once the water is gone there is a great deal of tool hire available to help you redecorate your home and get on with your life after your traumatic flooding ordeal.


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