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Spring Cleaning Carpets – at a fraction of the price!

Carpet CleanersHave you ever looked into getting your carpets professionally cleaned? If you have, you’d be familiar with the sound that occurs after you get the quote as your jaw hits the floor.

Many professional carpet cleaners seem to take advantage of the fact that these wonderful toys are too expensive for your average person to be able to justify buying one and hence charge through the nose for it.

The cheaper option? Hire it. At the fraction of the price, you can hire one for the day and do it yourself.

If you want to do a really through job, it’s best to move the furniture in the carpeted areas so you don’t end up with any discolouration. How about making a day of it with a friend and getting them to help you with moving the furniture then return the favour for them? That way you can split the cost of hiring one for the day and cut your costs again!


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