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Mastering the backyard: Lawn Maintenance Tools

Growing a decent looking lawn is harder than it looks. The best time to do some serious lawn maintenance is the start of Mowing the Lawnautumn, so you should brush up on garden advice and get all you’re tools hired out and prepared for September.

No doubt you’ve got the basics like a good rake and garden fork already, but to get that lawn in good condition you’ll need a few other tools you might not have lying around. Purchasing all the tools can be costly, but luckily you can hire tools and machinery easily.

Here’s a few you might want to hire to perfect your lawn this autumn:

Lawn Aerator – these guys help improve lawn drainage and reduce water drain off. Effectively you’ll be getting oxygen, water and nutrients into the lawn. You can get manual or electrical Aerators, ranging in prices and sizes depending on the size of your lawn

Scarifier – effectively, this does a similar job as a rake, but an awful lot quicker and more thorough! It basically removes any dead material that might be hanging around the base of your grass that could be clogging up your lawn.

Lawn Mower– These come in all shapes and sizes and the one you get will depend on the size of your lawn.Bag of leaves From the old-fashion, sweat-breaking manual lawnmower, to your basic rotary mower right up to your ride on mower – you’ll be able to find one for the job!

Leaf Blower / Sucker – If you’ve got a large yard, this could save you a lot of time and effort raking and removing leaves. Simply use them to either blow the leaves into one pile, or as a vacuum to remove leaves and other debris.

Get the right tools and put in some hard work and your lawn will repay you with healthy growth.


September 19, 2007 - Posted by | Garden Tools, Tool Hire

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