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Government officials and the police often say more needs to be done to protect your home. But no matter how much times they give you the know how, you can still never be too careful when it comes to protecting your home.

Here are 3 of my tips on how to protect your home:

1. Security Lights:

This is the most common security hard ware commonly used with most home owners. Security lights illuminate when an intruder crosses the sensor emitted by the light. This will reduce the time it takes for an intruder to enter your home and will also make the intruder feel vulnerable as he/she will probably be watched by neighbors and passer-bys. All security lights are switched on or activated by highly sensitive motion sensors and can be left on through all hours of the night.

2. Fire Extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are the most commonly used safety equipment for homes and businesses. You can rent fire extinguishers from tool hire for a low and an affordable price. Keep in mind that if a fire is too out of control in your home (fire spreading to the ceiling) then the best course of action is to vacate your property until the emergency services arrive. Fire extinguishers come in different types of agents such as water, foam, dry chemical, carbon dioxide, vaporizing liquid and halon.

3. Low Energy Bulbs:

Invest in some low energy bulbs which will enable you to leave lighting on in the most targeted areas of your home. Intruders tend to go for the places that may have your most valued possessions in such as your living room, bedroom and hallways. It is always a good idea to leave some lighting on in your home as this will fool intruders into thinking that there is a possibility that someone may be home!


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Home need a facelift? Try repainting!

If you’ve decided one of the rooms in your house needs a facelift it can be difficult to know where to start. Many people go straight to the shops and do things like buy new furniture and appliances – when there may be a cheaper way right under your nose!

step-ladder.jpgRepainting a room can completely change the look and feel of it – without having to replace all your furniture. You only need to buy a small amount of equipment, and tool hire can help for the stuff you don’t have. Embarking on a home renovation project is always a good way to bring a breath of fresh air into your home, but in order to do a good job, make sure you use the right tools.

Apart from arming yourself with an array of rollers, paint brushes and, of course, paint and primer, make sure you don’t forget a throw sheet for the floor, a good ladder, and getting the best tools to prepare the wall first.

Many accidents around the home come from things like falling off ladders that aren’t quite up to scratch. If your ladders not going to stand up to the job, don’t risk it. You can hire something like a fold up step platform for the weekend and do the job safely.

You can also consider tool hire for preparing walls for painting first. You might need to hire a hot air paint stripper to get the old paint off quickly, or a wallpaper stripper.Make sure you always allow enough time to do the job and consider your safety first!

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Spring Cleaning Carpets – at a fraction of the price!

Carpet CleanersHave you ever looked into getting your carpets professionally cleaned? If you have, you’d be familiar with the sound that occurs after you get the quote as your jaw hits the floor.

Many professional carpet cleaners seem to take advantage of the fact that these wonderful toys are too expensive for your average person to be able to justify buying one and hence charge through the nose for it.

The cheaper option? Hire it. At the fraction of the price, you can hire one for the day and do it yourself.

If you want to do a really through job, it’s best to move the furniture in the carpeted areas so you don’t end up with any discolouration. How about making a day of it with a friend and getting them to help you with moving the furniture then return the favour for them? That way you can split the cost of hiring one for the day and cut your costs again!

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DIY: Preparation is key

If you’re embarking on a home DIY project, it’s important you hire the correct tools. Trying to ‘make do’ with the wrong tools won’t just make all your hard work look like its done by an amateur, but also can be dangerous.

It’s tempting just to use what tools you have and just hope for the best, after all buying tools you may only use once can be expensive. This is why hiring tools for DIY is such a great idea.

Before you start any DIY project, you need to ask yourself some questions:

Is this a job I can tackle myself?

Make sure it’s a job you have enough time and can do by your self. Don’t cut corners by not giving your project enough time or not using the right tools. It may be that you can do, you just don’t have the tools to do it. This is when DIY hire comes in handy.

Will I need to get some professional help and am I prepared?

Are you going to need to get some advice first? Whether you get a professional in first or ask a few questions to a DIY expert, make sure you know what your job will require, from the difficulty of the job to making sure you’ve got all the correct tools and materials.

Do I have the right equipment?

Not everyone has an extensive tool collection lying around the house. If you don’t use the correct tools for the job, it could cost you a lot more in the long run, as you will only have to fix it again later. You can hire DIY tools to save yourself quite a bit of money in your DIY job. Don’t forget to get any safety equipment you might need too.

Don’t cut corners with your DIY. Hire the correct tools you need to do the job and your DIY project will not only be easier to tackle, but will look better too.

DIY - Painting

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