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Government officials and the police often say more needs to be done to protect your home. But no matter how much times they give you the know how, you can still never be too careful when it comes to protecting your home.

Here are 3 of my tips on how to protect your home:

1. Security Lights:

This is the most common security hard ware commonly used with most home owners. Security lights illuminate when an intruder crosses the sensor emitted by the light. This will reduce the time it takes for an intruder to enter your home and will also make the intruder feel vulnerable as he/she will probably be watched by neighbors and passer-bys. All security lights are switched on or activated by highly sensitive motion sensors and can be left on through all hours of the night.

2. Fire Extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are the most commonly used safety equipment for homes and businesses. You can rent fire extinguishers from tool hire for a low and an affordable price. Keep in mind that if a fire is too out of control in your home (fire spreading to the ceiling) then the best course of action is to vacate your property until the emergency services arrive. Fire extinguishers come in different types of agents such as water, foam, dry chemical, carbon dioxide, vaporizing liquid and halon.

3. Low Energy Bulbs:

Invest in some low energy bulbs which will enable you to leave lighting on in the most targeted areas of your home. Intruders tend to go for the places that may have your most valued possessions in such as your living room, bedroom and hallways. It is always a good idea to leave some lighting on in your home as this will fool intruders into thinking that there is a possibility that someone may be home!


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Party Time: Preparation tips for holding a great party!

As summer draws to a close this could be your last chance to make the most of the sun with an outdoor party. The brilliant thing about an outdoor party is less mess in the house and having more control over the party area. Here’s some preparation tips for holding a great party:

  1. Give people plenty of warning! To get the best turn out, people need a couple weeks notice – don’t leave it til the last day!
  2. Make it clear what the party is for! From a birthday, to a barbeque, your guests need tGarden Partyo know what they are expected to bring, and if you are catering or not – otherwise they’ll all turn up empty handed and you’ll have a lot of hungry and thirsty mouths to look after!
  3. Prepare your party area. Consider your guests and consider your lawn! You might want to hire some flooring that will protect your garden from being trampled and your high heeled-wearing guests from ‘sinking in’ to your lawn.
  4. Supply some food and drink! The amount of party food and drink you supply will of course depend on the type of party you hold, and the amount of guests. But even for the lowest maintenance of parties, you need to supply some light snacks (think dips, crackers, nuts), some heavier finger foods (think samosas, sushi, spring rolls) and some non-alcoholic drinks.
  5. Make sure you’ve got enough seats and chairs! Hire some foldable chairs that don’t take up much space – they’re easy to clear out if people start dancing and easy to bring out when your guests start looking a little worse for wear
  6. Don’t use your best china, glasses and cutlery! Consider hiring out a set for your guests. Not only is it a nice touch to have all your guests using matching plates and glassware, but you’ll also save yourself in having to try replace your favourite wine glass after Aunt Gladys has ‘one to many’ and sends it flying.

Hiring your party supplies can take the stress away from your organisation and make the aftermath of cleaning an awful lot easier for you.

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