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The heat is on! – Air Conditioner needed!

Hurrah! Summer is nearly here. After what can only be described as endless Arctic winter, I can almost hear the people rummaging through their wardrobes, reminiscing of their last sandy beach, their last sangria and indeed their last summer holiday. Its all well and good if you are lucky enough to have that get away already planned, but for the rest of us, summer looks like its going to be a scorcher and we are going to literally melt at our desks.

We all know the scenario. Hot, very hot, sweaty, dare I say smelly offices AND staff, irritated, under pressure and feeling the burn. Not very productive and simply put, not very nice! Now I don’t want to be a miser when regarding the glorious season that is summer, but I know I’m ‘not cool’ with heat. So what can you and indeed I do to prevent a melt down at work? The answer is of course simple, hire air conditioning!

Now I understand that not everyone works in a super-duper inter galactic office that offers varying levels of thermal comfort for its dear little staff but air conditioning is not a new idea, in fact the Egyptians invented it, seriously they did, look it up! A well conditioned work force produce well conditioned work, that too is a fact. So simply put, get some air conditioning.

There is a big fat fly in the summer jam however as air conditioning is excessively expensive to install and lets face it, its long term usage over the hugely long and predictable (‘ahem‘) British summer cannot be guaranteed. So why bother buying when the most obvious option is staring us all in the face, air conditioning hire!


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